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About Us

The Gables of Cottleville Memory Care Home – a leader in a new era of care… where living continues!

The culture of long-term care is undergoing profound change. Leading voices in the care of those with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are speaking out in support of care settings where the value and dignity of each person is respected – a place where their voices are heard and opinions considered. These person-directed care changes are resulting in self-determination and purposeful living for Alzheimer’s patients.

These changes reflect a shift toward optimal relationships at all levels in a home environment.

Our leadership knows firsthand the challenges of caring for aging parents and the illnesses that require in-home nursing care. In 2008, after experiencing these challenges, Tim and Janice Effinger purchased a private duty home care franchise to offer in-home elder care. Now, together with their cousin Kurt Smith of KAS Development, LLC, the couple is building The Gables of Cottleville – a unique home with a new idea – optimal relationships at all levels in a home environment.

The Gables of Cottleville Memory Care Home is open and has rooms available.

Exceptional Care

Exceptional Care
The Gables of Cottleville Memory Care Home is not long-term care… it is life care!

The Gables of Cottleville is barrier free; residents are encouraged to move throughout the home – their home – to visit with staff and other residents. Wherever they choose to spend time, they’ll find an atmosphere of independence and quality living. The home environment allows individuals to live and function at their peak abilities and find an exceptional quality of life.

Caregivers at The Gables are highly trained in cutting-edge, evidence-based behavioral interventions to support those living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. All caregivers receive Alzheimer’s and dementia best care practice training and are required to receive ongoing training on a regular basis.

Our social worker has 30 plus years of experience as a social worker. They educate, train, and provide emotional support to staff, residents, family, and the community. Certified nurse assistants (CNA) / Level I medical techs are present 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The Gables of Cottleville Memory Care Home is not a nursing home – it is home.

Twelve large, private rooms are comfortably situated in the 7,500-square-foot home. Each room has a half bath, closet, and ample space for the residents’ own furniture, encouraging them to make the room their own.

A community dining room, living room, recreation space, and kitchen have modern décor with comfortable furniture, providing the opportunity to converse with family and friends at any time.

Video surveillance inside and outside the home provide an added level of comfort for residents and families. A sturdy, decorative fence allows for safe and secure backyard activities.


This place is absolutely beautiful. Not only is it very well run, but they are very welcoming to family members. You can actually have something cooked homemade to eat with your loved one. Great staff and friendly, easy-going owners who always have a fun activity you can do with your loved one. Great place to get mom dad, husband, wife, etc. not only great care, but also compassionate staff with a home setting. They also specialize in memory care. If you are looking for a home for your loved one, this is the home!!!

- Joylynn M.


After having difficulties finding a good fit for my father, he was moved to The Gables about a month ago. He is doing so well! The staff has really taken the time to get to know him, and you can tell because he's responding to them the way he does with family. He's even joking around, which is something we haven't seen in a while! But even more important, the way they respond when he's having a bad day...which, with Alzheimer's, is going to happen. They're right there for him, and know exactly what to do to calm and reassure him, while allowing him to maintain his dignity. It's a very safe and caring environment. I would recommend it to anyone who is in the difficult position of needing help for a family member.

- Molly L.


The Gables is a very nice home. The staff and the owners are very nice people. They really seem to care about our loved ones. It is a very clean environment to live and stay. I recommend this place to any and every one.

- Tabitha J.


My dad has been there since December. I am so very happy with everything. They really care about the people living there. I would never take my dad to live at a nursing home. This is a small extended family home.

- Carrie W.